Family / Engagement / Lifestyle Shoots

Portrait Photography

  •  30 mins session, 1 location, 1 outfit, 20+ high-resolution edited images, all print rights, online gallery.
  • hour session, 1 location, 1 outfit, 40 high-resolution edited images, all print rights, online gallery.
  • 2 hours session, 70+ high-resolution edited images, 1-2 locations. 1-3 outfits.all print rights, online gallery
  • 3 hours session, 100+ high-resolution edited images, 2-3 locations. 1-4 outfits. 1 min Video, all print rights, online gallery

All my services include:

  • High-resolution Artistically edited pictures.
  • Dropbox Online Gallery with ability to download full size pics
  • All print rights

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Orange County Event Photographer | Nona Photography

Event Photography

2 hours minimum, 80+ high-resolution edited images, all print rights, online gallery. Priced hourly.

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Gift Prints


4×6 gift prints set of 5 pictures $10

5×7 gift print  (framed) $25

8×10 gift print  (framed) $35

Wall Prints (Canvas)

11×14 – $60
12×12 – $70
16×16 – $80
16×20 – $90
20×24 – $140
24×36 – $180

Photo Book


8×11 Modern LayFlat Album – $70

Additional sizes are available upon request.

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Hire a photographer in Los Angeles

“Help! I need to hire a photographer in Los Angeles but am unsure what I should be looking for.”

Does this sound familiar? If so, then look no further. Nona Photography provides some of the best portrait photographers in Los Angeles, and she makes sure you and your family are properly reflected in your photos. Being a family person herself, she knows firsthand the difficulties that come with getting the family together to take photos, but being an expert photographer, she also knows how to bring out the beauty of every face in your family. Her business is bringing the details unique to your family to the fore in the photographs that you will put in albums or frame and hang on walls in your home. Making memories is easier with Nona Photography.

Need to hire a photographer in Los Angeles to take quality photos at a particular event or party your family is hosting? Engagements, birthdays, graduations, and births, Nona Photography, has expertise in all of these events and more. As the best portrait photographer in Los Angeles, she knows that there is more significance to these moments than the simple smile present on everyone’s face. These moments are special markers in your lives, and there should be nuances represented in the photos that result in a constant feeling of remembering. Newborns are not going to pose like adults will, but a quality photographer will take care to arrange a setting and atmosphere which will evoke what is unique about each and every child. Even well before this uniqueness has had its time to mature. Similarly, recent graduates are not going to understand where exactly their lives are going to take them, but a perceptive photographer can deliver pictures that elicit the journey ahead.

What about maternity portraiture? What should one look for in this sort of photography? Experienced in motherhood personally, Nona knows that quality maternity pictures will contain a moment much larger than the exact period of time in which the photos are taken. Quality maternity photos include multiple periods in time: the woman who is not yet a mother, and the mother who will be; and, likewise: the man who is not yet a father, and the father who will be. These photos, when done correctly, will contain a range of emotionality that families will be able to look back on for many years to come. This is all possible when you hire the best portrait photographer in Los Angeles, Nona Photography.

If you are in need of quality portraits and are looking to hire a photographer in Los Angeles, you ought to contact Nona Photography today and schedule a consultation with this expert. At few other agencies will you meet a photographer who truly believes that getting to know your family is the pathway to successful photographs. She enjoys making lasting relationships with her clients so she can continue photographing their lives for many years. Get in touch with Nona Photography and find out what all the buzz is about.