A little about Me

Artist. Photographer. Mama.
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Hello everybody! My name is Nona. I’m a photographer and mother of a little princess, Gianna. I am very passionate about photography. I like capturing special moments of people lives and create unforgettable memories which you can cherish forever.  Also, I love cooking, painting and really enjoy watching good movies and Disney cartoons.  I spend a lot of time with my baby girl and do my best to show her how beautiful this world is. I love to travel, and dream of visiting many places I’ve never been before. My ten-year goal is to see myself as a mother of 3 kids and to be a favorite photographer in California.

I got my first camera as a birthday present from my uncle in 2008. I started taking photos for my friends and their family. Quickly I realized that it was my hobby and passion in life. Not only that, but people loved my work, complimented it and told me I had talent (or maybe they were just being supportive). Today, I still love it just as much as the first day I started. The passion and joy I have when I capture beautiful pictures of people and their loved ones gives me an indescribable joy. Now that I am a mother, my daughter is my biggest inspiration and I hope one day she can follow her dreams and passion too. If you have children, you understand how your children are your sun, moon and stars. They are your whole world! So, whether it’s your children, loved one, furry baby or business/career…

Let me be the one to capture those beautiful moments of love and joy for you.

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